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TAC Farm is devoted to rabbit production, cultivation of organic produce, organic manure production, and the production of earthworms. Through these ventures, TAC Farm seeks to stimulate the economy of an economically depressed region while educating local residents and visitors about sustainable agriculture and the historical significance of Allensworth, CA.
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TAC Farm is working to stimulate the economy of a depressed region through the use of interconnected agricultural ventures. The town of Allensworth was founded based on the belief in sustainable farming methods and self-sufficiency, a spirit TAC Farm would like to further animate in the town and share with visitors. 

TAC Farm works to use organic agriculture to stimulate the economy of Allensworth, CA, and to provide education about agriculture and healthy food choices to residents and visitors. The principles of self-sustainability and economic development that the town was founded on inform TAC Farm's vision for success in Allensworth as well.

TAC Farm will use organic agriculture and related products to revitalize the economically depressed community around Allensworth, CA. Providing education about the benefits of organic production to residents and visitors will also be central to TAC Farm's focus. 

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